A Saturday baseball game in Toronto was the perfect way to spend a hot and sunny afternoon! I hadn’t been to Toronto since I was a little girl, and it did not fail to impress. With the exception that a number of Canadian natives gave us deliberately horrible and inaccurate directions (in part due to the Red Sox head to toe attire my boyfriend was sporting), everything was incredible.

I didn’t realize that the CN Tower was attached to the stadium, and sitting below it was truly amazing!

Most of the fans around us were extremely nice. One not so nice guy grabbed my side outside the stadium and told us to go back to Boston.  I wanted to yell back that I’ve never even been to Boston, and that he should keep him hands to himself like every four-year-old learns early on, but who wants to start trouble in a foreign city?

A food vendor looked my guy’s Boston apparel up and down and refused to give us directions to Front Street. So naturally, I led the way….the wrong way…til I found a few people outside a cafe. Asking for directions, accepting their scoffing at our inability to navigate the city, we headed back in the direction we came from until the kindest middle-aged couple ushered us all the way to where we needed to be-The Loose Moose! (We must have looked pretty desperate by this time to receive a personal guided tour!)

 This is a picture from the women’s bathroom. I’m a fan.

The downstairs half of the bar is very casual, very college-esk. The beer came fast despite the huge crowds, and my poutine fries (fries with gravy, topped with cheese curds) were superb!

Hanging from pipes above the bar were bras of every shape and color. Apparently, it’s where “the broads take off their shirts” (as quoted from the Toronto fans behind us at the game). We did not see any “broads” taking off shirts, but I and another girl near to us both got the “ah, c’mon, hang it up!” from patrons. All in good fun, of course.

Dear Toronto,

Thanks for hosting a great baseball game.

Thanks for clean stadium bathrooms, short lines, good food, gorgeous weather, and for chatty, fun, and friendly fans.

Please reprimand the pushy/handsy guy that told me to go back to Boston, and the food vendor, and the cafe folk. I was simply lost and am admittedly directionally impaired.

Your traffic is terrible, but the cityscape was nice to stare at as we sat for and hour and twenty minutes on a three-mile stretch of highway just outside Rogers. Maybe you can work on that.

Thanks for moose paintings in restaurant bathrooms and for really good fries.  (I still can’t figure out why this gravy fry trend isn’t bigger in the U.S.)

Toronto, it was fun!