This past weekend, the East Coast decided to have a summer. A beautiful, sun-soaked, steamy 4th of July weekend! The kind of weekend that sucks your strength and encourages cold tea (or your cold beverage of choice) to be gulped shamelessly. I love those weekends! On Monday, a rare day off after a holiday, my other-half and I, along with some friends and their enormous and  sweet dog, Izzy, made our way to a secluded little camp ground. Beneath the trees, beside the tiniest little brook, we grilled and talked and took in the meager breeze. And we all wondered: What is it about the woods slows us down? What seduces us to sit and be at peace? Sipping on Bud Limes and Citron and Teas (and yes, many bottles of ice-cold, condensation dripping water) and eating our pasta salads and burgers, we soaked in the heat and the happiness of just being in the woods.