Are you a winner? I’m serious here. For a minute, picture yourself at some kinda raffle…are you one of those people who  says, “Man, I never win!” and then walk away with three prizes? Nobody likes that person, unless you are willing to share. (I hope you share!) And at the next giveaway, do you say that again? Is it like when Ryan Miller comes off the ice last and does his circle dance before exiting? Does this verbal exclamation of “Man, I never win!” become a talisman of sorts? I heard that baseball players don’t wash their underwear and/or socks when they’re on a winning streak. And then there’s the playoff beards…oh, boy, I love those! Always good for a laugh! Besides the fact that is must reek to High Heaven in that locker room and that those sparse/peach fuzz beards look ridiculous and itchy, does it really work? Should we all walk around saying, “Man, I never win!”?    

I’ve never met anyone who says, “I’m so gonna win this! I always win!” Well, I want to be a winner. I want to be that person! And I’ll share, too. One time, at a softball picnic when I was ten, I won the last prize on the raffle table. It was a Glenn Frey’s Strange Weather album. I had no idea who he was, but I knew then that I was a winner…and even better, I gave the cd to my dad because he was way more excited about the actual prize. I was just excited to have won. So, I’m a winner…I’ve just been on hiatus, for, ummm, eighteen plus years.   

Dear Fates,

I entered a giveaway today

at Souris Mariage

because I would like to be a winner (for good reason)…and…

I promise to share.