Hello and Happy Monday! Yes, It’s still raining here. Yes, my tomato leaves are still yellowing and growing a collecting of brown freckles. But…guess what…the sky is wickedly bright behind the clouds at the moment. You know that brilliance that hurts to gaze at? That’s the best we seem to get this June. At this point, I’ll take it!

I brought the Magic Bars to an outdoor summer party on Saturday! They went like hotcakes. I used a whole bags of tiny dark chocolate chips in mine (I couldn’t resist!).

And for Spaghetti Monday’s meal? Well that’s still up in the air. My other half, my calmer, easy-going, mild-mannered other half would like lobster ravioli. Well, seeing as I’ve never even attempted a cheese ravioli, we’re going to put that request on the To Do List. Instead, a quick and easy prepackaged, fresh spinach ravioli is sounding good about now. And I shall hunt down a proper ravioli recipe to tackle soon. Any suggestions?

In other news, I like art. I like to paint and draw, but I’ve been extremely lazy in my artistic endeavours. I recently completed a large watercolor abstract for my Aunt who works in a very busy collections agency. Apparently, it’s become a conversation topic, and that makes me feel so good. I never sell my work, mostly because 1. I don’t make much art anymore and 2. I finish a piece and it then sits in the corner of my bedroom to rot. Now someone is actually seeing something I made, and it has a buzz about it. Someone even suggested starting a website up for my work. So happy. Thanks Aunt Jo! You made my day!