I’m hungry. I usually am. I read about food all day. I think about what is and should be in my cupboards, and I wonder who will eat the other 37 cookies that come out of the oven when all is said and done at the end of this Thursday.

Today, it’s dreary again. Wait……….. sun….annnnnnnnd gone. The air is thick and heavy with humidity, and I almost hope for another storm to clear the air. Anyways, the gloom has me thinking about cookies for some reason. And sweets. Any kind of sweets, especially ones with coconut. I found two amazing sounding recipes from My Baking Addiction: Chewy Lime Sugar Cookies and Magic Bars. Both contain coconut, and I wish I was home so  I could start on these immediately. And I think I’ll double everything so I have plenty to take to a party tomorrow evening and to a picnic party on Saturday. Will they keep that long? In the meantime, I’m  still hungry and thinking of cookies.

Dear Clock on the Wall,

Please let me go home!

Pretty please, with a cherry on top? I’m so hungry. For cookies.

With love,