It’s day TWO of summer. It’s raining. Again. But before the rain, there is that warm wind. That smell in the air. It is the promise of rain, an electricity. Not that we need any more rain this month, but those moments before the rain are magical.

This truck makes me happy:


 It makes me think of all the places I would rather be. Why? I have no idea. Maybe it’s the color. Maybe the curves. But it’s beautiful. Apparently, difficult to drive, but who would know from the outside?



And this tree, that lives on the file cabinet beside my desk, outgrew it’s shabby little pot about two years ago. I stuffed it into my back seat yesterday, hauled it across the lawn at home, and  transplanted it at 7 a.m. before work. I wedged it back in my lil (creaky and rusty) car and here it is. Back in the corner,all lopsided and Charlie Brown-like, trying to kiss the ceiling and reach for the sunlight.

This makes me happy too:

It’s my lunch. . A pyramid of fruit and veg: a nectarine, raspberries, watermelon, and beautifully sauted and creamy butter beans. I love lunch. It breaks up my day despite the fact I never leave my desk. It is full of color, texture, cold and warm, sweet and tart, and smells divine.

Now…why I did not cook dinner, and how I arrived to work with beans:

I had the very best intentions to cook dinner. But someone beat me to it. Not that I’m complaining. Who can possibly complain to coming home to a kitchen that is heavy with the smells of sauce and the starchy scent of pasta still bubbling away? Thin slices of perfectly baked and crunchy eggplant accompanied our spaghetti along with the most delicious, homemade stuffed shells that I  had in recent memory.

But I was feeling a bit blue. I was looking forward to making a mess in the kitchen. So…I cooked my lunch for Tuesday. I have recently become enamoured by Jamie Oliver’s cooking show and decided to browse his recipes online. Stumbling across his recipe for The Creamiest White Beans and Leeks, I couldn’t resist. Fortunately, all ingredients were on hand, except for the leeks. Scallions provided an easy substitute, and the thyme from the garden smelled incredible as it simmered with the scallions, garlic, oil and butter. I did have to simmer the beans for a bit longer than prescribed, but it was worth the effort. The wine flavor was quite strong, even after a longer time on the stove, but for me personally, I did not mind. I love beans, especially butter beans, and have no qualms about eating them as a meal onto themselves. I did pack some fruit for breakfast and as light snacks (as seen in the pyramid above). Who can resist a sweet nectarine, ripe watermelon, and red red raspberries?