There’s Monday…and then there’s Spaghetti Monday. I cannot recall precisely when Spaghetti Monday became a tradition of sorts in my household, but it somewhere along the way, it planted strong roots in our Monday meal expectations. And it’s not just about a quick, easy, affordable meal. It is something to look forward to as 8 a.m. drags to 8:15 a.m. and the workday is feeling endless. Spaghetti Monday means that if you are within a 15 mile radius of the family home around dinner time, you are expected to be seated at that kitchen table, no excuses…and we’re not even Italian. Spaghetti Monday is about Dad’s homemade wine, garlic bread (sometimes charred when we happen to be distracted from the broiler for more than 20 seconds), and pasta of some form: ravioli, stuffed shells, seafood and angel hair pasta…it all falls under the acceptable realm of Spaghetti Monday fare. Mostly, Spaghetti Monday is about family. After a weekend that has pulled us in seven different directions and an approaching week that will most likely do the same, Spaghetti Monday is a much appreciated anchor.